Carom Billiards Basics

A book by Andreas Efler


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Table of contents

  • 40 Exercises and Training Games

  • Each position with diagram and video

  • Speed Control

  • Controlling the English

  • Draw Shots

  • Follow Shots

  • Dead Ball shots, combined with Speed Control

  • Hitting B 2

  • Playing with Rails

  • Controlling the Cueing Height

  • Training Games


The basics training program is not only a useful guide for beginners into the fascinating world of carom billiards but also advanced players can improve and control their technique. The effects are systematically tought - separately as well as in combination - by means of exercises. A collection of training games guarantees lots of fun. The results of the exercises can be recorded and saved in a special database. This makes it easy for you to measure your progress!


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