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Table of Contents

  • 117 pages

  • 48 positions

  • Each position with diagram, 3D-model and commented video

  • 38 pages of theorie with diagrams, photos and videos

  • Index of positions for easy navigation

  • The position, the shot

  • Quantity

  • Natural straight shot

  • English

  • Natural indirect shot

  • Cueing height

  • Straight draw shot

  • Follow shot

  • Compensation shots


26 years being a billiard trainer on all levels, and especially with beginners, made it possible for Laurent Guenet to identify the difficulties with which a player is confronted when starting. In this first book he imparts the basics of playing billiards. From the posture and the bridge, from follow to draw shots up to the "Amorti" with its special of billiards is brought closer to all beginners with this interactive book by means of explanations to the technique, diagrams of the stroke, photos, videos, and 3D-models.

Guenet completes it with advices and explains which errors can occur and how to avoid them. book is meant for players who want to get into the basics of billiards or want to refresh their knowledge.

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