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Welcome to Carombooks! On this site you will find Carom Billiard eBooks for iPad and Mac, Online Books for all devices (including Android tablets and smartphones), apps and other products that will help you to improve your game.

CaromScore 2.0

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App CaromScore version 2.3

The ultimate scoreboard for Windows (from Windows 7) and MacOS (from 10.13).

Choose between 6 appearances, start in simple mode with one click or enter all parameters for all imaginable game types.

Now available in English!

Club licence: € 45
Individual licence: € 25

App "Crazy Points"

"Crazy Points" presents the 101 most spectacular, elegant and crazy solutions of the world's best three-cushion players from national and international competitions, replayed, commented and graphically edited by Andreas Efler.


Android phones and tablets

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New eBooks for Mac and iOS

How can I achieve Rail Nurse?

"How can I Achieve Rail Nurse?" is taken from the book "L'apprentissage du billard français" by Xavier Gretillat, available in PDF-format. The Interactive Books of Carombooks and the PDF of Xavier Gretillat complement each other perfectly. The PDF as theoretical studies and as a reference, the books of Carombooks for daily training in the club.

$ 15.99

New Ebooks for Kindle, Kindle App and iBooks

The Blomdahl Era

„The Blomdahl Era” is a series of essays about the modern 3-cushion game. It is a small encyclopedia, with records and tournament results. It’s a who’s who, with player portraits and bio’s. It’s an instructional book as well, it will improve your decision making. Last but not least, the anecdotes will make it a joy to read.

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"The Blomdahl Era" by Bert van Manen

  • The Blomdahl Era

New eBooks (Mac, iOS)

  • How can I achieve Rail Nurse?

Other Products

  • App "Crazy Points"
  • App CaromScore version 2.3
  • Adhesive Foils Conti-System

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