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Club License (€ 45)

With the purchase of a club license you acquire the right to install and use the program "CaromScore" on any permanently installed computer in your club.

It is not allowed to additionally install and use the program on any privately used computers.

For usage on private computers please purchase an additional private license.


If you choose bank transfer please pay € 45 to:

Daniel Zimmermann
ch des Ages 16
2533 Evilard


IBAN CH4009000000302487815
PostFinance AG
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern

With payment method "PayPal" you will soon receive a payment request from me via PayPal.

You will receive your license data as soon as possible after receipt of payment. Usually within 24 hours, maximum within 48 hours.

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"The Blomdahl Era" by Bert van Manen

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