Systems in Three Cushion

A book by Andreas Efler


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Table of Contents

  • The Conti-System

  • The Japanese System (0.7 - System)

  • The Plus-System

  • Two-Rails-Bank-Shot System „Long - Short - B 2 - Short“

  • Two-Rails-Bank-Shot System „Short - Long - B 2 - Long“

  • System for „Long - Short - Short - Long“


Calculation systems in three cushion billiard can be very helpful for many patterns. Beside a consistent technique it is a prerequisite to study them consistently and thoroughly. Therefore I selected six systems for the ebook “Systems in Three Cushion Billiards” like the classic systems “Conti”, “Plus” and the “Japanese System” and I explained each single calculation step in all details supported by videos, 3D-animations and diagrams. Also the topics “Adaption to Different Tables” and “Problematic Zones” are dealt with in detail.

“Conti-specialists” will realize that the Conti-system in my book differs a bit from the original, namely the numbering of the third rail.

This variation which I learned years ago in Germany is to my mind even more precise and my game has profited a lot from it. I want to invite also confirmed “Conti-Fans” to try it out.


Demo Video (German version)

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Adhesive Foils Conti-System

Adhesive Foils Conti-System for your Billiard Table. Put the foils on your billiard table and remove them as often as you want! The special adhesive foil with vacuum cup effect sticks perfectly to the rails but can easily be removed without residue. If the adhesive power becomes weaker because of dust and dirt simply wash the foils with water and they will stick again as if they were brandnew!

Developed with the assistance of the Austrian champion Andreas Efler.

Big Points in Three Cushion

Big Points in Three Cushion

"Big Points in Three Cushion" is a collection of three cushion solutions for tricky positions, divided into the different dessins. The solutions are explained in detail, using diagrams and symbols. 197 videos from two different perspectives are supposed to translate the theory into pictures.

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